Inaugural Session

Edoardo Salaorni, Marangoni Meccanica, Italy

Edoardo Salaorni has been the Commercial Director of Marangoni Meccanica since 1980, and has played a key role in all the important changes that have distinguished the Company’s history. Graduated with a Masters degree in Electro-Technical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, he started his career at Tecnomasio Italiano Brown Boveri (TIBB).

Datuk Dr. Mohd Akbar Md Said, Malaysian Rubber Board, Malaysia

Dr Mohd Akbar bin Md Said is the Director General of the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB). Previously he was the Deputy Director General (Research & Innovation). He was responsible for the direction, planning and strategies of research and innovation in MRB and worked closely with the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities, the Malaysian rubber industry and other agencies. His projects have won the MICCOS Scientist Award 2007, the Private and Public Sector Collaboration -Innovation and Research Award in 2007 and the ITEX Gold Awards in 2005 and 2006. In 2009, Dr Mohd Akbar was conferred the Johan Setia Mahkota (JSM) from Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Dipertuan Agong.

Dato’  Dr. Eng Long Ong

Dr. Eng Long Ong has been the Technical Adviser for Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd since July 2008. He has been the Chairman of ISO/TC 157 Non-Systemic Contraceptives and STI Barrier Prophylactics since 2007 and the Chairman of ISO/TC 45 SC4 Rubber Products Other Than Hoses since 2005. Dr. Ong started off at the Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) as a Senior Research Officer in 1973, and served different positions in RRIM. He was Deputy Director General of the Malaysian Rubber Board (1998-2001) and Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council.

Session 1

Chairman: PP Perera, Sri Lanka

Retread Industry/Management Consultant


Chin Hon Meng, TRMAM, Malaysia

Chin Hon Meng, Executive Director of Saiko Rubber (M) Sdn bhd and Sun Tyre Industries Sdn Bhd, is currently the President of Tyre Retreading Manufacturers’ Association Of Malaysia (TRMAM). He began his career with Ancom Berhad, principally involved in the manufacture of agricultural chemicals and herbicides, in 1991. Later he joined Torita Rubber Works Sdn Bhd as Plant Manager. Chin joined Sun Rubber Industry Sdn Bhd as the General Manager in 2001. He also heads the R&D department.

Paper: Challenges Facing the Malaysian Tyre Retreading Industry

Why go for retreads? Primary reasons are cost saving, environment friendly industry, relatively lower carbon emission, branded new tyres are designed and constructed to be retreaded multiple times. The paper also highlights the current scenario and outlook for the Malaysian retread industry by highlighting the worldwide initiatives for the reduction of CO2 emission, subsequently the estimated yearly Malaysia commercially tyre consumption trend for both new tyre and retreads.

David Stevens, TRIB, USA

David Stevens is the Managing Director of Tire Retread and Repair Information Bureau (TRIB), USA. Stevens joined TRIB in 2010 following an almost two-decade long career leading marketing, sales and customer service efforts for Fortune 500 companies in the US and worldwide.

PAPER: Overview of Global Retread Industry & Current Challenges

TRIB’s presentation will focus primarily on providing an overview of the global retread industry and the current challenges the industry faces. It will look at retread production trends across the US, Europe and Latin America and explore the unique challenges faced in each of these markets. The paper will then explain some of the ways the industry is evolving and using new technology to meet the needs of their customers.

Tai Qisheng, GIIB Group, Malaysia

Tai Qisheng is the Co-CEO of Goodway Rubber Industries, Malaysia, which is part of GIIB Group. He was previously Group Strategy and Communications Manager. Qisheng has made remarkable changes to the company‘s business model and secured numerous partnership projects with leading companies. Currently he is in charge of leading the company’s strategy for future developments in areas such as product innovation & technology, strategic mergers and acquisitions, business modeling as well as setting the corporate branding direction & Marketing strategies to effectively deliver the brand essence and purpose to the public.

Paper: Retreads Future in a Price War – Environment or Profit? Or Both?

Rajiv Budhraja, ATMA, India

Rajiv Budhraja is Director General of Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA), the apex Industry Association representing the Indian Tyre Industry, headquartered in New Delhi (India. Being a representative body of large tyre companies in India accounting for over 95% of tyre production, ATMA has been accorded status as the true voice of the Indian tyre industry. Budhraja has nearly 32 years experience in service organisations, having worked in PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Confederation of Export Units, Indian Paper Manufacturers’ Association prior to joining ATMA in 1997. He is a Member of the Rubber Board of India for two successive terms, representing the tyre sector on the Board and is a founding member on the Governing Council of Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC). He also represents ATMA on several Government & institutional bodies.

Paper: The Challenges of Cheap Tyres vis-à-vis Retread and New Tyre: The Indian Experience

Session 2 -A

Chairman: Chin Hon Meng, TRMAM, Malaysia


Sudarsan Varadaraj, Elgi Rubber Company, India

Sudarsan Varadaraj is the Chairman and Managing Director of Elgi Rubber Company Limited (ERCL). His career began in 1981 as a Design Engineer in an engineering consulting company. He has held various positions in Elgi Rubber. ERCL is dedicated to providing single source solutions to the tyre & rubber industries. It has pioneered precured retreading in India and operates a network of over 250 retreading plants in the country. Besides India, the company has operations in Australia, Brasil, Kenya, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka and the USA with 12 manufacturing locations across these countries.

Paper: Cost Reduction in Retreading Plant

The global recession which started in 2008 continues. Further, the threat of low-priced, “single use” tyres has accentuated the problem for retreaders, resulting in lower retreading volumes & margins, to the point where retreaders are questioning if they should continue with their business. The only avenue available to the retreader is to manage internal efficiencies and costs. This presentation aims at discussing the various aspects like key cost elements, ways to improve shop efficiencies and the need for focusing on cost rather than price.

Virgilio Gioseffi, T.R.M Tire Retreading Machinery, Italy

Virgilio Gioseffi joined Marangoni Meccanica in 1983as Field Engineer for the development and testing of retreading machinery for Giant OTR tyres. He is today the promoter worldwide for OTR Tyres Retreading & Recycling Business for TRM, the Business Unit of Marangoni Meccanica dedicated to tyre retreading machinery.

Paper: The Tyre Retreading Process: From Craftsmanship to Industrial Process

Dirk GH Reurslag, VMI Group, Holland

Dirk GH Reurslag is the Sales Director – Industrial Solutions – of the VMI Group. Since 1994 he held various executive and sales positions, both in relation with new tyre production systems and in extrusion technology. Now he is responsible for the sales of VMI solutions including rubber extrusion and tyre retreading. He holds Bachelor degrees in aeronautical engineering, rubber processing and business administration. Dirk previously gained experience in the aeronautical industry, cooling- and air conditioning equipment industry and in the automotive supply industry.

Paper: The Extrusion-Smearing Method for Applying Retread Cushion Gum Compared with Alternative Methods    

Session 2 B

Chairman: Zachariah George, India

Rubber Technology Consultant; Chairman ATRC


Mario Goldmann, Zeiss, Germany

Mario Goldmann  is the Head of Sales Tire inspection within Zeiss – formerly Steinbichler. He was the Profit Center Manager for international rubber sales (retreading) within KRAIBURG

PAPER: The Positive Commercial Impact of Shearography on Retreading

The retreading industry has to cope with imports of budget tyres. In order to maintain or create a viable future existing business models will have to be changed as well as the efficiency of the operation will have to be in the main focus of the management. Rejects and claims are extremely costly. The presentation shows a method to calculate the impact of claims and rejects on efficiency and presents a way to avoid those negative impacts from the beginning.

Alessandro Vignolini, CIMA IMPIANTI, Italy

Alessandro Vignolini has been working for CIMA for 10 years now, in the sales office, following some European markets and non- European markets like Far-East, India, Russia and Arab countries. Especially focused on OTR big machinery and mining sector, he has made several complete turn-key plants in North Europe, Arab countries, India and China.

Paper: Mould Curing:  A Look into 4WD, Truck and OTR Tyre Retreading


Vinod Rai, Bainite Machines, India

Vinod Rai is the Associate Director of Mumbai, India-based Bainite Machines. He started career with Motorola Inc. in 1994 in High and Ultra High Frequency Division and then since 2001 has been serving the tyre and rubber industry. He graduated in Electronic Instrumentation from Mumbai University and did Specialisation in Electrodynamics at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research.

Paper: Automation in Mixing and Cold Feed Extrusion Lines

The industry is transiting through a phase where perfection with better economics is required which shall also define the shape of future. Bainite Machines, leading manufacturer of customized machinery, offers Fully Automated Mixing lines and Extrusion lines for the global tyre and rubber industry. Automation must translate into a convenient, safe, energy saving and totally controlled operations minimising downtimes & wastages and offering more availability and productivity.

David Wilson, Retreading Business, UK

David Wilson has nearly 30 years experience as an editor and publisher in the tyre industry. During 1987-93 he was editor of Tyres & Accessories. In 1996, after three years as editor of Tyre Trade News, he founded Retreading Business, the world’s only global speciality magazine for the tyre retreading industry, which he still edits and publishes. He is also the publisher of two magazines based in Malaysia, The Tyreman and Truck and Bus News as well as the UK-based tyre recycling journal, Tyre & Rubber Recycling. Wilson was also the Director of the UK-based Retread Manufacturers Association and was Secretary of BIPAVER, the Federation of European Retreading Associations. He was also a Board member of the UK’s Tyre Industry Federation.

Paper: How Retreading Industry Can Face Up to the Challenges of Budget New Tyres

The impact of Chinese tyres on the retreading industry is a global problem. In the future the ability of independent retreaders to survive and flourish in the increasingly competitive tyre market will depend on some key factors, including the ability to justify, measure and explain pricing as it relates to retreads and new tyres – and particularly the concept of cost per mile (PPK); investment in continually improving the performance of retreads, and promotion of retreading as a premium product and an avoidance of a price war with Chinese new tyres.

Session 3

Chairman: Chris Bloor, Giti Tyres, Singapore


Dr Zairossani Mohd Nor, Malaysian Rubber Board, Malaysia

Dr Zairossani Mohd Nor is Deputy Director General (Research and Innovation) of the Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB) since August 2015.  Prior to this post, he was the Director of Technology & Engineering Division of MRB.  He leads and manages research and development (R&D) programs as well as technical support activities for the rubber industry. He is also presently leading several key national level research and development programmes in rubber industry particularly in specialty rubber production and green rubber products technology.

Paper:  Applications of Ekoprena for Green Tyre Manufacturing

Ekoprena is a form of epoxidised natural rubber, an established class of advanced natural rubber obtained by chemical epoxidation of natural rubber. Applications of Ekoprena in the manufacturing of environmentally-friendly green tyres and tyre retreading are expanding rapidly due to growing global trends towards sustainability, efficient utilisation of natural resources for production of performance and low carbon footprint tyres.  Commercial evaluation of green tyre retreads is being carried out as part of an Entry Point Project (EPP) under Rubber New Key Economic Area (NKEA) for a maximum period of three years.

Sascha Kriz, at Schill + Seilacher “ Struktol, Germany

Sascha Kriz joined Schill + Seilacher “ Struktol GmbH in 2003. He has gained deep insight into the chemical and technical possibilities and has worked in many areas of the company, beginning at the production of chemical specialties dedicated to the rubber industry and rubber application laboratory. He is now part of the technical sales team of Struktol’s Rubber Division. His responsibilities range over domestic, European and Asian markets.

Paper: Green Processing for Green Retreading

Although Retreading is environmentally much friendlier than getting new tyres, the image of retreading was suffering from cheap ingredients and fast, highly economic processes. What was left out was the whole balance in calculating energy consumption and the advantage of giving tyres a new life by adding a new tread and using the old body. Struktol Additives can help a lot to keep energy consumption and resulting costs low in terms of mixing and overall handling.

Gopinath B. Sekhar, Sekhar Research Innovations Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

Gopinath B. Sekhar is the founder and Chief Technical Officer of the SRI group of companies. He is an inventor, researcher and developer in the Rubber and Palm Oil processing industry in Malaysia. The son of local rubber technology legend – the late Tan Sri Dr. B.C. Sekhar – has co-invented the proprietary Deprotin mechano-chemical process as well as the proprietary Low protein Latex innovation. He spent the last decade with specific involvement in rubber technology, and developing processing technologies and application solutions. Having personally developed several new proprietary technologies of commercial significance related to rubber recycling and incorporation of recycled content into value-added applications focus of activities are primarily in rubber.

Paper: Improved Sustainability with Devulcanised Rubber (DVR) Compound in Retreads

Eric Yang, Evonik, Singapore

Eric Yang, a Chemical Engineer, started his career in a leading electronic company in Taiwan in 2002 and joined Goodyear Taiwan in 2005, where he had five years of experience. In 2010, he joined Evonik as Laboratory Manager of Evonik Applied Technology Center in Asia and became Technical Service Manager – South East Asia in 2014. This department technically supports tyre, shoe sole and MRG customers in Asia through Evonik rubber silicas and rubber silanes.

Paper: The Better Balanced Rolling Resistance and Abrasion Resistance of Retread Compound

It is well known that silica and silane reinforcing system can be used to substitute carbon black in tire tread compound to reduce rolling resistance, heat generation and to improve wet traction. In retread compound, it is possible to further reduce rolling resistance and heat generation by high specific surface area highly dispersible silica ULTRASIL® 9100 GR and Si 69® without compromise of abrasion resistance compared with carbon black compound.  

Session 4

Chairman: Tai Qisheng, GIIB, Malaysia



Floriano Fernandes Mota, Continental Tyre PJ, Malaysia

Floriano Mota is Head of Product Development Truck Tires APAC at Continental Tyre PJ Malaysia, under Continental AG, Germany. Main role includes initiating and supporting new product development projects – for new tyre and retread (sponsor/steering/review). Previously he was Tyre Development Engineer in charge of the development of all the 20 inch truck tyres worldwide.  As a Production Engineer at Hovione FarmaCiencia S.A, Portugal, he led a manufacturing production team which was responsible for several spray drying projects.

Paper: Fleet Value Creation Conti360 Way

Tim Hercock, Vaculug Tyres, UK

Tim Hercock has been MD of Vaculug Tyres, Europe’s largest independent retreader, since 2002.  Prior to that, he worked for the Sara Lee Group in the USA and in the UK for an automotive supplier. He is a past Chairman of the RMA.  Vaculug is a leading supplier of managed fleet solutions throughout the UK and also produces retread tyres for Pirelli in the UK.

Paper: The Advantages of a Hotcure Fleet Offering

The paper will outline the key elements that are required for a retread fleet offering, the advantages that Hotcure products can provide through enhanced performance and a multi-life use of the tyre and casing. He will also explain the commercial and other benefits to the manufacturer as well as the fleet operator from these types of agreement based on Vaculug’s experience operating in this field for the last 20 years in the UK.

Martin Kalagin, Marangoni Retread Systems, Italy

Martin Kalagin is the Corporate Technical Service Director for Marangoni Retread Systems, an Italian company, which has developed over the past 50+ years to become a Technology Market leader and systems provider for the Global TBR and OTR Retreading Industry. Martin has been working in the new tyre and Retreading Industry for nearly 30 years, covering a broad variety of positions, ranging from Tyre & Retread production, Product Development, and Sales & Marketing. Prior to joining Marangoni 9 years ago, he had been with Bridgestone Europe in Brussels for more than 10 years – 5 of these as their European Retread Manager and Business Development Manager for the European Bridgestone/Marangoni JV “Bridgestone Retreading Systems.”

Paper: Radial Tyre World Revolution and its Production Overcapacity. How These Two Phenomena Affect Traditional Retreading Business

Dr. Rani Joseph, Cochin University of Science & Technology, India

Dr. Rani Joseph is Professor (Emeritus) in Department of Polymer Science and   Rubber Technology at the Cochin University of Science &Technology, India. She did her PhD in Polymer Technology and was the head of the department during 2003- 2006. She is a member of many academic bodies like NBA Desk Appraisal Committee and is Chairman of IRI Kerala Branch. She has published more than 200 research papers in internationally reputed journals. She recently published a book, Practical Guide to Latex Technology, through SMITHERS, RAPRA.

PAPER: Novel Water-Based Cement and Finish Paint for Tyre Retreading

In both cold and hot process, the first step is the initial inspection, the second is and the third step is building, when a pre-moulded retread or new tread rubber is applied to the buffed and prepared casing. Solution of a rubber compound in an organic solvent like toluene ( appr0ximately 12-15%) is sprayed over the buffed  casing  to improve its bonding with the tread the uncured cushion gum is applied  over the casing.

Session 5

Chairman: Low Kian Beng,

Sunrich Intergrated Sdn Bhd Group, Malaysia


Christopher James Bloor, Giti Tyres, Singapore

Christopher James Bloor is the Executive Director in charge of the Giti group’s Sales and Marketing activities for commercial vehicle tyres, having joined the company in April 2009. Bloor has spent 36 years in the tyre business having had a 29 year career with the Michelin Group. He has held many technical, operational sales, and managerial positions in Europe and Asia, including a period as an Executive director of Michelin UK PLC. Bloor has wide experience of the Asian automotive markets and also has a deep understanding of the Chinese commercial vehicle sector.

Paper: Under Pressure: The impact of cheap new tyres on the global re-tread industry. Join in or fight back?

The paper tracks the issue under different categories – the cause, China TBR capacity, raw material & price deflation, better tyre Vs. cheap tyre, the effect, tyre commoditisation death spiral, truck tyre retreading market in Europe, tyre import / export with China, TBR anti-dumping cases and trade barriers and the question of joining in or fight back

Stefan Pertz, Asian Trucker, Malaysia

Stefan Pertz is the Editor of Asian Trucker Malaysia and Asian Buses as well as the publisher of Asian Trucker Thailand while he also works on Asian Trucker Singapore. He has worked as the on-site project manager on the new Hong Kong airport; in sales and marketing in producing companies, and also as consultant and account director in an advertising agency. In 2009 Asian Trucker was introduced to the Malaysian market. Stefan is also the organiser of Malaysia Commercial Vehicle Exhibition, which has seen several successful installments after it was launched as the first and only event of this kind in Malaysia. He also writes in trade journals.

Paper: Uncommon Sense in Running a Commercial Vehicle Fleet

Covering three markets within South East Asia, Asian Trucker gets to hear what owners and managers of commercial fleets in these markets and Europe think first hand. When looking at how fleets are run, there might be a lot of opportunities when thinking outside the box. Challenging the most common ways fleet operators act and think, this session is to entice the audience to re-evaluate how they go about their business and how we can, as a collective, overcome the much talked about economic downturn we are currently experiencing.

Bireswar Banerjee, IIT Kharagpur, India

A rubber technologist from The Plastics & Rubber Institute, London, Bireswar Banerjee is currently a Research Consultant to the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. He has 45 years of experience in working with various rubber goods manufacturing industries and research institutes. He is an auditor for ISO – 9001 Quality Management System and is a Consultant for ISO – 22000 Food Safety Management System & Total Quality Management.

 Paper: Methodology Of Tyre Retreading – And Its Significance To Economics & Environment

Retreads are proficient, safe, environmentally friendly and can save hundreds million liters of oil consumed in production of a new tyre. Implementations of the method of inspection and testing of old tyres before rubberisation and is after retreading. Increased magnitude to the adhesion property of the rubber compounds in producing tyre retread should be with high degree of bonding characteristics with the used tyre. Significant improvement in tyre retreading technology is geared up with the replacement of carbon black by perception of ‘green tyre technology,’ using silica filler and a bifunctional coupling agent.

Panel Discussion

Chairman: David Stevens, TRIB


Rajiv Budhraja (ATMA, India), Dr Zairossani Mohd Nor (MRB, Malaysia), Chin Hon Meng (TRMAM, Malaysia), Low Kian Beng,  (Sunrich Intergrated, Malaysia)