Sascha Kriz
Schill+Seilacher “Struktol” GmbH

Sascha Kriz, started in August 2003 at Schill + Seilacher “ Struktol GmbH in Hamburg. “During my 13 years of working at Struktol in Hamburg, I got insight into the chemicaland technical possibilities provided by our products and had the chance to work in manyparts of the company beginning at the production of chemical specialties dedicated to therubber industry and rubber application laboratory. In between I studied chemical processtechnologies and work now for the technical sales team of Struktol’s Rubber Division.

The aim is to use my knowledge to support our customers in any chemical and/or technical issues and to pass this knowledge on to our customers whenever it is required to provide an extensive service including technical consulting and trouble-shooting. My responsibilities range over domestic, european and asian markets. The diversity in mentalities and technical possibilities in the markets itself make my job exciting and interesting at the same time.”