The speakers taking part in ARC represent some of the major league companies in the industry, including Continental AG from Germany and Giti Tire, Singapore. They are part of a global line-up that also incudes Marangoni from Italy, VMI from Holland, Elgi from India and GIIB from Malaysia.

The different sessions are spread over two days. Each session is sub-themed on a specific area under the main theme. The first session will be on “Industry Overview.”

David Stephens, MD of TRIB, will be talking on “an overview of the global retread industry and current challenges,” a paper that will provide the big picture of the industry and its current status. This paper will set the trend for other speakers in different sessions.

The subject Tai Qisheng of GIIB Retreads, one of the major league companies in Asia, has chosen is “Future in a price war – Environment or Profit, Or Both?” The importance of this issue is quite obvious to all.

The other sessions will be on Machines and Equipment; Materials; Methods & Technology; Green, and Customers & Enforcement. Some of the subjects to be presented will be on road safety, aviation tyre management, how the retreading industry can face up to the challenge of budget new tyres, increasing the life of envelopes, tyre retreading machinery, tyre retreading process: from craftsmanship to industrial process, the extrusion-smearing method for applying retread cushion gum compared with alternative methods, and the positive commercial impact of shearography on retreading, applications of Ekoprena for green tyre manufacturing, green processing for green retreading, the benefits of bead to bead retreading in a changing market, and the challenges of cheap tyres vis-à-vis retread and new tyre: the Indian experience.

The second day will also have a panel discussion on retreads and cheap imports.

The conference is fast getting into shape even as more speakers and companies show keenness to join ARC 2016.