The companies sponsoring and supporting ARC include Marangoni and TRM (Corporate Sponsors), SRI, GIIB and Eversafe Rubber (Co-Sponsors), Eastern Treads (First Day Lunch), CIMA Impianti (Second Day Lunch), Bremels (Tea & Coffee Sponsor), Struktol (Lanyard Sponsor), and Elgi and Vipal (Supporters).

Global agencies and associations like ATMA, Malcorp, International Rubber Study Group, Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka, SRP, RSDC, ETRMA, TRMAM, Assocomaplast, MRPMA, IRC are associating with the conference.

Major news magazines like Retreading Business, Asian Trucker, Asian Buses, RJA, RFP, Truck & Bus, The Rubber International, Tyre Business and GRTE Digest are media partners.

ABM’s own publications Tyre Asia, Rubber Asia and Auto Parts Asia are part of the ARC media team.


The organizers have ensured that the conference is not all talk and no leisure. Special attention has been given to provide delegates with quality time to relax, engage in networking and interacting with business leaders, suppliers etc from across the world. The cocktail-dinner is programmed with some select cultural events.

The special exhibition booths right outside the main conference hall have been booked by companies to showcase their products and woo customers.