The first Asian Retread Conference (ARC 2016), a joint initiative of Asian Business Media (ABM) and Epic Fresh in association with TRIB, USA, is unique not only for being the first of its kind in the world, but also for the way the two-day event has been charted so as to cover all the areas crucial to the global tyre retreading industry. Scheduled to be held at Sime Darby Convention Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 4-5, 2016, ARC 2016 is bringing together a line-up of well known industry experts who have picked up some of the most relevant subjects for their presentations.

The conference is themed on “Go Green: Retread, Rebuild, Recap.” According to Dato Mohamed Ishak bin Abdul Hamid, ARC Chairman, the plan has been to ensure that the event provides a comprehensive package of take-aways to all participants.

“Great care has been taken to make ARC most comprehensive. From selecting the theme to programming the sessions and networking times, we have left no area uncovered. One must realize that we don’t have any past models to follow to plan a conference of this kind on tyre retreading. This is the first ever, and we are actually putting a model in place.

“Tyre retreading is all about sustainability – environmental and economic. There is a global awakening to the need for retreading and recycling to save this planet and also run it as a good business. This emphasis on its value made us to pick the ‘Green’ theme. The papers by the global experts also focus on various aspects of this theme,” Dato Mohamed said.

The conference is creating a platform to highlight the benefits of new and retreaded tyres, importance of maintaining the right tyre pressure etc so that there is a better connect with fleet owners and the tyre industry. Being a pioneer in new tyres as well as retreaded tyres, ARC offers an excellent opportunity for networking.

Some of the key take-aways of this conference will be: the latest technology available for the retread companies and economic benefits of choosing retread tyres for fleet owners.

The association with TRIB is significant. As an organization for tyre retreaders in the US, TRIB supports ARC 2016 because of its vision. Also, the companies backing the event as sponsors and supporters are globally known entities operating in tyre retreading.